Our facials

We believe that no two complexions are the same, so why should your facial be, too?

Facials curated to work with your complexion. We offer expert analysis, tailored treatments and essential skincare to give you healthier, happier skin.

Hi, Skin
Hi, Skin
Hi, Skin

Whether your skin is in need of a  detox, a quick refresh or a total overhaul, we’ve got you  covered.

our facials

Our mission is to offer expert analysis and customized facials that work around you. Tell us about your concerns and we’ll take it from there.

30 Minute Facial

Hi, Refresh
A touch of TLC


Press refresh on your skin with our boosting and hydrating facial.
We go back to basics and give your complexion the quick maintenance it needs.

best-for :

icon/starCreated with Sketch. Tackling breakouts
icon/starCreated with Sketch. Pre or post travel/party
icon/starCreated with Sketch. An all-round glow

50 Minute Facial

Hi, Rejuvenate
A deep clean


A deep cleansing facial
that reawakens your skin.
Including extractions, this treatment focuses on keeping your complexion healthy and functioning.

best-for :

icon/starCreated with Sketch. Expert exfoliation
icon/starCreated with Sketch. Deep hydration
icon/starCreated with Sketch. A monthly catch-up

65 Minute Facial

Hi, Restore
A skin reset


Feel the need for a total overhaul?
This comprehensive facial helps to rehydrate and restore your skin’s radiance and tackle any concerns.

best-for :

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About our
Face workouts

Regular workouts make a huge difference to our bodies, so why shouldn’t we do the same for our face?

15 Minute Face Workout

The Mini


Add on to any facial for $40
This express treatment wakes up your complexion and includes sculpting hand movements, gua sha, and dermarolling.

best-for :

icon/star Created with Sketch. Invigorating dull skin
icon/star Created with Sketch. Reducing puffiness
icon/star Created with Sketch. Toning and tightening

45 Minute Face Workout



No pain but instant gain.
This high intensity workout uses EMS microcurrent technology to lift, tone, and sculpt your face.

best-for :

icon/star Created with Sketch. Stimulating Circulation
icon/star Created with Sketch. Improving Lymphatic Drainage
icon/star Created with Sketch. Promoting Glowing Skin

60 Minute Face Workout

Ice Attack


A vigorous facial booster.
A vigorous face workout blitz that will instantly leave your skin feeling extremely hydrated and plumped. This is the Sculpt + a high pressure shot of frozen CO2 mixed with serums to work on hydrating and plumping your face muscles.

best-for :

icon/star Created with Sketch. Extreme Hydration
icon/star Created with Sketch. Instant Plump
icon/star Created with Sketch. Tone & Lift

Sometimes you
need a little extra

Need a boost?

Ask one of our experts if your skin needs a little boost and we can tell you which enhancement will work best for you.

Hi, Skin
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LED Light


Our hand-held LED lights have colored settings that each promote different benefits for an overall radiant complexion. Red stimulates the production of collagen and elastin while blue minimizes bacteria to balance and clarify your skin.

Hi, Skin
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$ 35

This gentle yet effective exfoliation help sto slough away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal a radiant complexion. Your esthetician will offer you one that’s right for your skin type.

Hi, Skin
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Lip and Eye

$ 35

Keep your pout soft, plump and smooth with our refreshing exfoliator, mask, serum and balm — a must‐have for anyone with a case of winter lips and eyes.

Hi, Skin
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Beard Treatment

$ 35

The hidden skin beneath facial hair needs love, too. This special treatment clarifies with a high frequency treatment and hydrates for an overall complexion and beard boost.

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$ 20

Clear congested pores with extra extraction time. Ideal for those in ed of a deep clean.

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Cryo-Therapy Oxygen Blast

$ 95

A high pressure shot of frozen CO2 mixed with serums to work on hydrating and plumping your face muscles.

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$ 35

This small but mighty blade is used to remove all vellus hair and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

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